• Marlboro Money

    Convenient to Give...Exciting to Receive!


    Bring a smile to all those on your local gift list! With our Marlboro Money gift certificates, you can shop local and redeem the certificates at local Chamber businesses that contribute so much to our local economy.  This program is locally managed through the Marlboro Chamber of Commerce office and all funds are kept in a local Chamber Member bank. Purchasing Marlboro Money is a convenient way to not only cross out all your gift shopping errands with one easy stop, but to play an active role in the economic growth of community.


    The Marlboro Chamber of Commerce introduces the Marlboro Money gift certificate program. Marlboro Money offers a unique way to keep dollars and spending in our local economy. 

    What is Marlboro Money?

    Marlboro Money is a gift certificate, purchased through the Marlboro Chamber of Commerce, which can be spent at participating Chamber member's businesses. Marlboro Money looks like checks, but spends like cash. They are designed to be purchased with the intent of keeping dollars in Marlboro County. Hometown spending helps us all!

    How do I purchase Marlboro Money?

    Marlboro Money can be purchased at the Marlboro Chamber of Commerce, 122 S. Marlboro Street. You may purchase Marlboro Money in increments of $5, $10 and $20. There is no processing fee to purchase Marlboro Money. You pay only for the amount listed on the Marlboro Money certificate. If you have a large quantity of Marlboro Money to purchase, be sure to call ahead so we can have them ready for you when you come to pick them up!

    Who Accepts Marlboro Money?

    Marlboro Money is accepted at participating Chamber member businesses. A list of participating businesses will be given when you purchase Marlboro Money.  Be sure to check the updated list of participating businesses on the Chamber website or grab a list at the Chamber office. 

    CLICK HERE for businesses who accept Marlboro Money. 

    Who can use Marlboro Money?

    Anyone can purchase and use Marlboro Money. Only Chamber members may accept them in their place of business. Purchasing Marlboro Money as a holiday bonus for your employees or a gift for your family is the perfect way to ensure that hard-earned local dollars are spent within the local community.

    As a Chamber member, how can I benefit from Marlboro Money?

    As a CHAMBER MEMBER, Marlboro Money can only be spent at your business. It saves you the time and cost of supplying your own gift certificate program.  Marlboro Money guarantees that money stays in the local economy and is spent at Chamber businesses!

    How does Marlboro Money benefit the community?

    Marlboro Money benefits the community by keeping dollars local in Marlboro County. Keeping money in our local economy encourages businesses to expand and develop, helps to fund local government budgets, creates local jobs, reduces our carbon footprint, and fosters community pride. We all win!

    How do I accept Marlboro Money at my Business?

    When a customer brings a certificate into your business, you treat it as cash, with the lone exception being that you do not give change for Marlboro Money. Sign, stamp, or otherwise mark the back of the certificate with the name of your business. Then, simply bring the certificates to the Chamber office or mail them in, and you will receive a check in the mail for the full amount of the certificates. If you have further questions about accepting Marlboro Money, please contact Brittany Jones at the Chamber, 843-535-8184 or brittany@marlborochamber.org.