• About Us! About Us!


    The Marlboro Chamber of Commerce is a platform to organize commerce and community through communication, events and activities; with the common goal of enhancing relationships that will foster growth and collaboration. The Chamber will help to bring each of our unique resources to the table; by working together we will bring about a richer quality of life for everyone. 

    The Chamber is committed to helping local companies grow their business by taking the lead in programs and efforts that help create a strong local economy and make our community a great place to do business. The Chamber provides numerous opportunities for members to increase their contact base and have fun doing it through various meetings, networking events and committees. In addition, the Chamber works diligently to make referrals to member companies every month.

    As an advocate for business in Marlboro County, the Chamber also works to create and sustain a favorable business environment in which all businesses can grow and prosper.

    The Marlboro Chamber of Commerce works closely with local government and other entities to strengthen the local economy.  As a member driven organization, the Chamber is committed to building a stronger local economy by:

    • Actively promoting and supporting the community
    • Fostering the growth and strength of our member organizations
    • Engaging federal, state and local officials on behalf of business interests


    The Chamber brings people together to solve problems, facilitate meetings to discuss projects, and work diligently behind the scenes to forge agreements and compromises. Whatever is needed to advance the progress and welfare of the community and local economy - the Chamber is there!

  • Hey y'all, 

    I am Jessie Evans, the Executive Director of the Marlboro Chamber of Commerce. I am 26 years old. I was born and raised here in Marlboro County. I graduated from MCHS class of 2014 and then from Francis Marion University with a Bachelor’s in Political Science in 2018. I grew up in a small business household; both of my parents run businesses here in Marlboro County. So, I have witnessed firsthand the stress, and the rewards, of running a business, while also benefitting from it. Without them and their hard work, I would not have been afforded the privileges I had growing up. I have always known that I wanted to stay here, and raise a family here; I am personally invested. I am excited to grow my knowledge of commerce so I can potentially better the way of life for myself and for everyone else in this community, specifically business owners. I hope that I will be able to help people like my parents and every member of this Chamber while in this position, and I look forward to that opportunity. If you're curious about the Chamber or interested in joining, please don't hesitate to give me a call!